Set List, the comedy circuit phenomenon which sees comedians "improvise entire routines from scratch" is being made for your telly box. reports: "Sky Atlantic has ordered 14 half-hour episodes of the show, which presents comedians with a series of unusual words of phrases around which they have to generate a spontaneous set. Comics lined up to take part include Tim Minchin, Reggie Watts, Robin Williams, Johnny Vegas, Todd Barry, Frank Skinner and Dara O Briain. It will be filmed in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles, with five US comics being flown to the UK to perform to British audiences, and five British comics making the opposite trip across the Atlantic."

So, it's kind of like Whose Line Is It Anyway, but without Michael McShane and Josie Lawrence. OK, so it's kind of like Whose Line Is It Anyway but with funny people. And Greg Proops.

There won't be a large foreheaded host either (Clive Anderson, where are you now?), in fact there won't be a host at all. Speaking with Chortle, producer Paul Provenza said "We've been working very hard to make something very different. It’s less presentational stand-up than a documentary... We will be taking people who could sell out the O2 and place them outside their comfort zone - so we will have layers of interesting human drama on top of the funny. We will take the green room dynamic and capture the energy and atmosphere backstage."

Each show will feature three comedians, and other acts set to take part include Rich Hall, Russell Kane, Andrew Maxwell (one of our best comedians, the RTE cameras just sucked the funny out of him), Josie Long, Paul Foot, JB Smoove and and 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander (AKA the dude with the trucker cap fetish)