It's been reported that Danny Dyer will miss the upcoming Meet The Parents episode of 'Love Island', due to work commitments.

The Sun reports that the elder Dyer won't be able to make the episode as his work on 'Eastenders' means that he's unable to get out to Mallorca for the special episode. Per their source, Dyer "has things already lined up during his time off, but there is a chance he could do a U-turn and change his mind to support Dani. The show has really grown on him."

Speaking of growing, 3e posted their ratings for last night's episode with a whopping 326,000 - making it the most-watched episode of the series so far. In that same episode, Jack's ex Ellie Jones revealed that Jack had a film poster on his wall which just so happened to feature Danny Dyer.

Returning to Danny Dyer, the reason for his supposed absence from the episode is down to scheduling arrangements. Apparently, scheduling time off on 'Eastenders' is a nightmare and Dyer seemingly booked his time off long before his daughter decided to appear on 'Love Island'.

"All his time off the soap had to be pre-booked with EastEnders to stop all the cast being off work at the same time," according to the Sun's source.

How much you want to bet Danny Dyer magically appears on the episode? They're absolutely not going to miss a chance like that.

'Love Island' continues on 3e tonight.