Unless you are a hard-core long-term Home and Away fan (admit it), you may have forgotten Danii Minogue was even in Summer Bay at any point. But nope, she played the role of Emma Jackson from 1989-1990 and was a total badass, we're talking leather jacket, talking back to Alf Stewart, the works.

Danii since went on to have a singing career that was a lot more short lived than her older sis' but notable enough to chair hop on a few X Factor judging panels for the last decade or so. However the star has not ruled out a return to her acting days as she told The Sunday Telegraph that she would 'really like' to act in Home and Away again.

Going on to say; "I was thinking about it this morning, actually - could it be like an American soap opera, where I come back as [her character] Emma Jackson's sister?"

She added: "Like when someone goes upstairs, or dies, and they come back as someone else."

"I want it to be kind of kooky if it does happen."

Eh, we'd be all on for this, and can Bobby come back from the dead too? And where's Donald Fisher?

Sure bring 'em all back. Except Chris Hemsworth, the Avengers need him.