Wubba lubba dub dub! Those live-action teasers with Christopher Lloyd could have looked very different.

It seems that Daniel Radcliffe was the original pick to play Morty in that 'Rick and Morty' teaser released last Friday, which would have turned it into a very different teaser altogether.

Ahead of the season five finale this past weekend, Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell starred in the 'Rick and Morty' teaser which created a frenzy of anticipation between fans of the animation series. Was there going to be a full live-action episode for the finale?

However, it was all just one big tease by Adult Swim to drum up anticipation for the final two episodes of the series. The actors didn't appear during the finale, but it was a nice bit of fanfare for 'Rick and Morty' stans all the same.

Taking to Twitter to share his excitement of having worked on the 'Rick and Morty' teasers, SVP of Action and Anime with Warnermedia, Jason DeMarco, revealed that it was actually 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe who he originally wanted to play Morty. Unfortunately, even though he's a big fan of the series, the actor turned down the opportunity.

He wrote: "I originally wanted Daniel Radcliffe as Morty, because I know he’s a huge fan, but he (wisely) turned us down. A wise man. It was an idea that sounded good on paper but wouldn’t have worked at all [crying laughing face]."

In fairness to Daniel Radcliffe, he's probably just a tad too old to play Morty at this stage - the 32-year-old probably wishes to leave his teenage roles within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

DeMarco also shared a picture from the set with the two actors, adding that he had a "very fun day" and that Christopher Lloyd is a "lovely man".

After the initial teaser was unleashed on Friday, the animation studio Adult Swim also released a couple more brief teasers showcasing more Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell antics as the live-action counterparts of the grandfather and grandson - including a nod to fan favourite Pickle Rick.

'Rick and Morty' season five is available to watch on E4 and Channel 4 on demand.