'Dancing with the Stars' has found their three finalists.

Last night's semi-final of 'Dancing with the Stars' saw two favourites facing the dance-off.

Safe from last night's dance-off, and straight through to the final show, were Mairead Ronan and her dancing partner John Nolan; and Cliona Hagan with Robert Rowiński, who managed to avoid tripping over her pesky scarf.


Which meant that facing the dreaded dance-off were comedian Fred Cooke and Giulia Dotta, against actor Johnny Ward and his professional dancing partner Emily Barker. Unfortunately, it was time for Fred to foxtrot out of the competition.


Viewers took to Twitter to voice how much they'll miss Fred from the final.


Some were outraged that Johnny had made it into the dance-off in the first place.


Johnny has proven himself to be a favourite with viewers throughout the series.


While others seem to be happy with the three finalists.

So there we have it, three finalists for next week's grand finale. Who do you think deserves to win? Let us know your reactions in the Facebook comments.