The main topic of conversation around this week's Dancing with the Stars didn't have anything to do with the ladies that hit the dance floor, rather the colour of Hughie Maughan's face, which, as viewers pointed out, looked like he had dipped his head in a tin of ronseal.

Yesterday, the Big Brother runner up was on the Ryan Tubridy Show for a chat about the incident, and pretty much blamed the makeup artist, saying: "I had to constantly wipe my face and I ended up looking like a Dalmation. It was all patchy so we had to get this foundation you’d normally use for African skin - it was actually the same foundation the makeup artist used for Jamelia on The Voice."

"It was obviously for a black person and I’m white. When we put it on we realised how dark it was and then it was two minutes to air and there was nothing we could do. The other stuff they had wasn’t dark enough because the tan that was on my face."

However, naturally enough, the show's makeup artist Lisa O'Connor was not happy with Hughie's defence. Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, she said, "I can't believe he is blaming me.

"He kept piling more and more tan" and didn't listen when she told him he looked "ridiculous".

She added: "It is devastating to have people blame me. It's a shame that such a handsome, funny, charismatic man feels the need to make a mockery of himself on TV for more attention."

Sounds like things will be pretty awkward in the Dancing with the Stars dressing room next Sunday. In fairness though, if it's your mistake, own it. Hughie shouldn't have been putting anyone else's professional reputation on the line.