If you've been watching Legion, you'll know that it's easily one of the best shows on TV right now and, more pointedly, it's pretty much unlike any superhero-themed TV show you've ever seen.

It has depth, emotion, trippy AF visuals, quasi-Wes Anderson aesthetic, all sorts of weirdness and it's all set loosely in the X-Men Universe. It's all truly unique - just like Logan, which had the biggest opening weekend of the year so far in the US and is getting insanely good reviews.

On last night's Late Late Show With James Corden, Patrick Stewart - who plays Professor X in Logan - and Dan Stevens - who plays David Haller in Legion - both were on the couch and fortuitously brought up the fact that they play father and son. Stewart began by admitting that Logan was pretty much his swansong with the character, but hinted at the possibility of a cameo in Deadpool 2 and, sure enough, when Stevens brought up Legion, Stewart was game.

The significance here is that - in the comics, anyway - Dan Stevens' character in Legion is Professor X's son, which means there's a very real reason for Patrick Stewart to appear in Legion. However, showrunner Noah Hawley has said in the past that although Legion is set in the same universe, he has to "prove that the show is good enough to incorporate those elements from the movie world, if that were ever possible." Not only that, there's been no overt reference to Professor X in Legion so far and it's entirely possible that the series may never address or acknowledge that part.

It's also quite possible that Stewart may be tempted to come back to the role as Legion definitely offers a unique perspective on the world which he was a major part of and Noah Hawley is incredibly adept at writing nuanced, original stories. If Stewart's up for it, sure, it could happen - but this could just be late night talk show banter.

The question is, does Legion work better without the burden of having to connect into the so-called pretzel timeline of X-Men? Who knows, but the fact that Patrick Stewart seems game for it is definitely interesting.


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