As we reported a couple of months ago, Damon Lindelof has been tasked by HBO to turn Alan Moore's seminal comic book, Watchmen, into a new series.

It's no small feat, especially when you consider that A) it's considered to be one of the greatest comic books ever written, B) several adaptations were mounted and failed, and C) there's a pretty decent adaptation already out there. Of course, opinion is pretty divided on Zack Snyder's version, so who knows.


Day One.

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Anyway, Lindelof confirmed late last night via Instagram that work is now officially underway for HBO's Watchmen with a simple little photo of a prop award given to Nite Owl, presumably from the original film with Patrick Wilson and Billy Crudup.

Casting, directors, air date are all still be to decided and it's likely that none of these will be confirmed until the screenplay itself has been cracked, but it looks like HBO is taking it seriously - especially considering that Game Of Thrones is coming to an end next season and Westworld has only been renewed for its second season with no guarantees for a third.


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