A movie, no less. Grano would be so proud.

As you probably know, both Damo and Ivor are both played by Andy Quirke (and if you didn't know that, you may need to take a moment) and first started as a sketch on Republic of Telly back in 2011, before becoming a TV series in its own right back in 2013.

Two seasons in, the show has proved so popular that it's being made into a movie by Parallel Film, the same production company behind Albert Nobbs, Intermission and Breakfast on Pluto.

Like the show, it will be written by Quirke, along with his writing partner Jules Coll.

Last we seen of Damo and Ivor they had both just become daddies, so there's undoubtedly plenty of material there for a movie. And sure if Mrs Brown and the Hardybucks can do it!

For you sceptics out there, you may just be surprised at how entertaining good old Damo and Ivor can be. The song below ended up number one on iTunes last October after this scene on the show, g'wan the Damo.