If you haven't managed to watch the full series yet, you're no doubt still quite caught up in the drama that is 'Normal People', which will air its final couple of 12 episodes on BBC One and RTE One in the first week of June.

The controversial TV series has garnered incredible attention across the world for its raw portrayal of what young love might look like in a modern Ireland, as well as highlighting various aspects that can happen in a person's past which can influence how they deal with adult life. Oh, and there's also that little subject of Connell's chain which has gripped the nation. The thirst for Paul Mescal and his character's silver chain from the drama series became such a talking point, that an emoji and an Instagram account were even created to celebrate the reference.

Addressing the rumours that she had misplaced her co-star's valuable asset (Paul joked about it in a recent interview with Variety), Daisy Edgar-Jones, who plays Marianne in the TV series, says that no, she never lost that prized possession.

Speaking in an interview with Adam Tanswell, the actress spoke of the confusion, as well as referencing just how big Connell's chain became in popular culture.  She said: "I never lost it. Paul forgets that we had to do pick-ups and I had to bring it for that and then Lorna, our costume lady, kept hold of it but she recently posted it back to me."

"I do think it's a lovely chain. I didn't quite expect it to receive all this attention... I mean, it's from Argos! I would've been more careful when I'd handed it over if I'd known it was going to be such a sought-after object.

"I like a bit of jewellery on a man, so I think it's nice enough – but that has been something I have found increasingly hilarious. We never expected quite the reaction to that chain that it's got."

Here's the snippet from the interview with Daisy from 'Normal People', where she also spoke of shooting her final scene while in Italy.

Paul Mescal recently announced that he'll be raffling off Connell's chain in aid of charity, due to how popular his piece of jewellery has become.