Can 9pm hurry up please?

In tonight's episode of 'Love Island' we'll get to see the six new girls grafting for the first time and they don't hang about in turning Curtis and Michael's heads.

While the OG girls set about reassuring a clearly worried Amber in Casa Amor, firefighter Michael makes it clear to new girl Joanna that the pair have had their ups and downs and that he would be willing to get to know her better. That old chestnut.

Another relationship about to become strained is that of Curtis and Amy. The pair have been a pretty solid couple, aside from the time that Curtis gave Arabella 10/10 for a kissing challenge. But now that Amy is in Casa Amor, Curtis admits that the arrival of Jourdan and Joanna has got him thinking.

The other story line that will develop tonight is our very own Maura. When she first spotted new boy Dennon she made no secret of the fact that she had taken a shine to him. As we can clearly she from the clip, she has definitely made some progress.

Watch the teaser trailer in full here:

'Love Island' is on Virgin Media Two at 9pm.