It's almost as if the show didn't end, but simply just... took a break for a couple of years?

EW is reporting that the producers behind 'Criminal Minds' are currently working on a revival series for Paramount+, a new streaming service in the US. The service already has shows in the works like 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds', the 'Yellowstone' prequel, so a revival of 'Criminal Minds' is entirely within the realms of possibility.

The strange part of all of this, however, is that 'Criminal Minds' came to an end in February of last year after running for a total of 15 seasons. All told, the series had 325 episodes and who-knows how many weird unsubs throughout it. Not only that, the series also had some serious on-set drama with Thomas Gibson way back when.

The new streaming service launches on March 4th, so it's expected that an official statement will be made around the time of the launch, if not shortly after. So far, it's unclear if the likes of Rossi is making a return, or if it's a new batch of characters coming in. However, given that EW's reporting says it's a revival and not a spin-off, our thinking is it's got to have at least some of the original cast in there.

There's no word yet when or if Paramount+ will be available here in Ireland, but it's likely that the revival - if it does end up happening - will arrive on screens either via RTÉ or on Prime Video.