To say Craig Charles has had an extremely horrendous time of it is something of a grotesque understatement. He endures 3 days of Gemma Collins' pendulous personality (we're referencing her mood swings and nothing else, unlike 90% of people on Twitter), which evidently took its toll on him. Then he had to survive the bunker (almost single-handedly), grappling for stars for an entire night surrounded by cockroaches, rats, and a hysterical Nadia Forde. Just when he was getting a reprieve, he learns that his brother has died suddenly of a heart attack.

Getting that news at anytime, anywhere, would be beyond bizarre (in fact, words can't qualify those feelings) but receiving that news while on a TV show which involves no sleep, no food, and hundreds of camera would be extremely upsetting and surreal in the extreme. reports that the Corrie actor left camp earlier this morning.

A spokesman for the show said: "Craig decided to leave the I'm A Celebrity... camp earlier today and will be heading back to his family the UK. We send our sincere condolences to Craig and his family."

Nadia Forde, who spent the most time with Craig (mostly screaming about rats towards the end), sent this following tweet via her management team.

His replacement is Edwina Curry. Yep, just when you thought this post couldn't get more appalling.