John Oliver delivered another sharp and highly informative monologue on 'Last Week Tonight' this weekend. The episode saw the host examine the hesitancy around Covid vaccines.

John Oliver debunked a number of the myths around Covid vaccines, such as the falsehood that there are Bill Gates microchips in them.

The host spoke of how in the US, it has emerged that "a worrying amount of people are holding off on getting the free Covid vaccine."

Speaking of the conspiracy theories being floated around by conservative media figures, Oliver notes that: "The scary thing is, [anti-vaxxers] don’t actually need to convince people they are right.

"They just need to convince people that no one is."

He said: "To be clear, most people who are hesitant are not fanatics or conspiracy theorists."

He also debunked how the development of the Covid vaccines might have appeared rushed.

John Oliver also addressed concerns around side effects.

He explained: "no side effect of the vaccine is worse than the alternative: Covid, a disease that has killed over 500,000 people in the US alone while, once again, to date, the vaccine has been proven to kill exactly zero."

The talk show host concluded his video saying: "if you know someone who is worried, for whatever reason, and you want to convince them otherwise, don’t show them this video.

"But maybe do use some of the information inside it to tell them yourself."

Watch the 24 minute-long video here.