To all of our American friends out there - Happy Thanksgiving! But there's one other friend who we were most excited to see this year.

Monica from 'Friends' helped create one of the most iconic of comedy moments during one of the Thanksgiving episodes. And now actress Courtney Cox has finally gifted us with a recreation of the scene 22 years later.

In season five, episode eight, entitled 'The One With All The Thanksgivings', Monica sticks an uncooked turkey on her head, which is wearing sunglasses, a fez, and dances for Chandler's amusement.

Taking to her Instagram account recently, Cox wanted to spread some Thanksgiving cheer with an uplifting video. We just weren't prepared for the range of comedy that was going to be provided.

Starting off all nice and sweet, the actress suddenly goes all sorts of dark. It seems that turkey dancing GIF really hits a nerve with her. It's all in good jest, however, and the video ends with her wearing AN ACTUAL turkey on her head.

We are not worthy for the level of commitment being provided right here.

And now, please enjoy this little gem of a video with Courtney Cox.


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