Courteney Cox has blessed us with a fun little throwback vid to the series 'Friends.'

'Friends' was of course the show that made Courteney Cox a star, and it's nice to see the actress return to her roots.

Cox can be seen strolling outside her character's apartment in New York City in the Instagram clip.

As most 'Friends' fans know, the interior scenes of the show were filmed on sets in Los Angeles. However, the exterior shots of Monica's apartment were provided by a location in New York's Greenwich Village, on the corner of Grove and Bedford Streets.

Cox jokes: "Good night guys, I'm going home" in the video. She not only gives the post the perfect caption: "The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000." The clip has also been edited with the iconic 'Friends' music and the upwards pan shot to the apartment matches the show's exactly.

Courteney Cox also posted this video, referencing the sitcom's iconic 'pivot' episode, recently too.