The 'Friends' star showed off how neat her kitchen really is, making us all very jealous.

To be honest - we all have a bit of Monica inside of us. The character from 'Friends' is arguably one of the more relatable characters from the sitcom, maybe not when we were watching it back in the day, but more so in our later years. And it turns out the actor who played her for 10 years, Courteney Cox, has adopted some Monica-isms herself.

The character was often regarded as the most highly-strung of the group, wanting things to be done a certain way - "When you're not using the markers, you put the caps back on them, because they will dry out". She also had an eagle eye for details, noticing if anything was slightly out of place in her New York apartment.

The 56-year-old actor recently took to her Instagram page to show off just how tidy she keeps her kitchen in check, and we have to say, Monica would be impressed.

Courteney has one hell of an organised kitchen. Her video posed this challenge to her followers: "Tell me you're a Monica without telling me you're a Monica. I'll go first."

Courteney then pulls out a couple of drawers, one of which is full of different spices, before revealing a pantry where pretty much every food item was displayed in a mason/preserve jar. Never mind Monica, we are in Heaven.

Courteney Cox filmed the 'Friends' special for HBO Max recently, which is an unscripted reunion with the six stars of the series. There's been no confirmed release date yet, but expect one very soon.