Yea, the actors who played two of the most loved characters in TV history are set to unite for a new sitcom from American powerhouse network CBS (the folks behind The Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men etc).

Previously we'd learnt that Matt LaBlanc would double up on his work with the BBC and Top Gear to go back to his roots in the pilot, 'I'm Not Your Friend'. Now, it's been confirmed that the ridiculously adorable Jenna Fischer will play his wife in the comedy that will be directed by 'Friends' helmer, James Burrows.

The show is about a husband and wife who switch roles when the wife (Fischer) decides she wants to go back to work, meaning the husband (LaBlanc) has to mind the nippers.

It's a fairly basic set up, but the kind you expect from a single camera comedy played to a live audience.

It's in pilot mode for now, but we can't see this not being picked up to series. It's PAM AND JOEY FFS!