You'll know him best as one of Ireland's longest serving crooners, a former Eurovision entrant, and your man who threw wine on Come Done With Me Ireland, but did you know that Brian Kennedy fancies himself as a bit of an actor too?

The last time we actually saw him 'acting' he was just playing a singer in a bar in This Is The Sea (with Gabriel Byrne and Richard Harris back in 1997), but that counts, right? He seems to think so, and if his recent interview with The Irish Daily Star is anything to go by, he fancies turning his hand to a bit of TV drama in the not too distant future.

"I'd love to play something that you'd never expect me to do, like a gun-toting bad boy on Love/Hate," Kennedy told the newspaper. "Don't forget, I'm from the Falls Road - I know about that stuff" he said. Too right Brian: Sure isn't he the one who blew our minds when he revealed that every song is in fact a cry for love?

We know that we won't see him in Season 4, but who's to say Brian couldn't land himself a role in Season 5? Watch your back there now Nidge, we all know this fella is pretty lethal with a bottle of vino in hand: Paul Martin can testify to that.