Although it was originally expected to hit screens sometime this year, the live-action adaptation of 'Halo' is now likely to be pushed back well into 2021 for the moment.

Indeed, the pandemic has played such havoc with the show that the originally-cast Cortana is now being replaced by a familiar voice - Jen Taylor, who's voiced Cortana since the very first game all the way back in 2001. The role of Cortana was originally cast with Natasha McElhone, who was also playing Dr. Catherine Halsey, Cortana's creator in the series.

However, due to the pandemic putting the series on standby, 'Halo' has only now resumed production with McElhone unable to finish out her work in the role. The rest of the cast, however, are back in action - with Pablo Schreiber posting this image of him in Master Chief's armour outside his trailer.

As for a release date, there's no word yet on when the series will eventually land, but given this wealth of talent in the cast and now this development, it's looking like it could be something special.

Just imagine this blaring over a Warthog chase, like.