Well whoever thought Coronation Street wasn't 'cool' or the cast's pensioners weren't 'hip to the jive' can just stick it - as this week we see Emily Bishop, the big legend, become hooked on Breaking Bad.

Church-going Emily (Eileen Derbyshire) is given the series on DVD on Valentines Day The Mirror reports, and becomes quite the fan. She tells her buddy Rita: "I am really looking forward to it. I think it is about a diamond dealer... Or does he deal with crystals? I am not sure." Rita then replies: "Well, I love stuff about jewellery."

In-jokes galore! We love it. Next maybe they will get Norris into Game of Thrones, and Rita into 50 Shades... I'm sorry, too far.

The joke continues later on when Emily turns down a babysitting offer, as she has to help a 'friend in need'. She says: "A friend from church has had a fall and broke his hip so I need to go and sit with him. His name is Walter White. He is quite active in the community. It is quite a bad break."

Stop it Corrie, you're killing us now. Although, Walter While could have done with a mate like Emily Bishop guiding him in the right direction really, couldn't he?