We didn't think we would be seeing this fella for a long time, if ever, considering the last time he graced the cobbles he was being hauled off by the police for first degree murder.

Yep, Rob Donovan is set to return to Coronation Street soon, albeit from his jail cell. According to ITV he will be 'the cat amongst the pigeons' as he starts making demands from prison.

Rob was sent down for the murder of Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) after his sister Carla called the police on him at his wedding to Tracy Barlow. He briefly went on the run before Tracy ultimately led him to his arrest.

He will be back again soon however, and is set to start sending a number of visiting orders to Weatherfield residents as it emerges he holds the key to some deep dark Connor family secret.

It also ties-in with the arrival of a whole new part of the Connor family in the coming weeks, Shayne Ward's character being the first of them.

Actor Marc Baylis said; "I can’t wait to play Rob again and see what he has up his sleeve, one thing is certain - prison won’t stop Rob from affecting lives on the street."