*Spoilers below'

Yes, there is going to be yet another fire on Coronation Street this week, never has there been a more unluckier street, what with tram crashes, murder, and arson a regular occurrence.

In what's set to be a drama filled week on the cobbles, a fire will engulf the Victoria Court apartments (where the posh ones live) in what appears to be all part of a revenge plan by Tracy Barlow when her plans to buy the pub are accidentally scuppered by Carla.

What we know so far is that this will all take place at some point on Steve and Michelle's wedding day. Naturally. Can't have someone having a happy wedding day for crying out loud.

Actress Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connors on the soap, told Radiotimes that we can expect; "Drama, explosions and death. Just a normal week in soapland!"

Corrie will air every night for the week at 9pm starting from May 25th in a week that will also show the live show's Britain's Got Talent. An ITV spokesperson told Digital Spy: "As with previous years, this week is an exciting one for viewers as they get the week of Britain's Got Talent live shows, plus a storyline peak in Coronation Street as the soap goes nightly at 9pm."

There are set to be many 'shocks and surprises' too, with many of the storyline details not being unveiled until transmission. So who will be the unlucky victim to meet their maker in the fire? Well there is talk that Alison King (Carla) is set to leave the soap, but we can't really see them actually killing her off... or could they?

There's talk of Leanne getting caught up in the blaze too, but we also know she's part of a pretty big storyline involving Simon this summer, so it won't be her. Perhaps Kal? We also know Jimi Mistry is set to leave the soap, but come on, hasn't Leanne been through enough??

The more we think about it though, the more our money is on Kal kicking the bucket. Sorry, Leanne.

Watch the trailer for the week of fire (yes, the week of FIRE) here.