Tina hasn't learned from her experience with Xin. Remember Xin? Her friend from China who couldn't (act or) get a visa to work in the UK, so Tina thought it'd be a great idea for then boyfriend Graeme to marry Xin? And then they ran off together while Tina stood blubbing outside the Rovers?

Anyway, this time around it's another "they need us as much as we need them" scenario for Tina as she decides to act as surrogate for Izzy and Gary. Owen manages to put his foot down regarding Katie carrying her big sister's baby, you see. So, as if by magic, Izzy and Gary can somehow manage to conjure up enough cash to pay for the surrogacy procedure AND pay Tina to carry the baby for them? No, Owen offers to pay. See, it's all starting to make sense now. Sort of.

Tina and Tommy both need the cash now that Kirsty and Tyrone have gone all Stewie Griffin on them regarding the £10k they owe (thanks to Terry Duckworth), but Tommy isn't too keen on the idea of his girlfriend carrying another couple's sprogling.

According to the Daily Star, Tommy says: "I can't do this for nine months. All I just want is it to be me and you," to which Tina responds: "You know that they need us as much as we need them. If you want to wipe the slate clean and have the kind of life we want to have, then this has to work. We've got to go to that clinic and keep everything crossed that this works."

Next thing you know, Tina will fall in love with the baby and run off with it, or something equally as awful, 'cause for Izzy and Gary to just get handed their baby without any major hiccups just isn't Soap.