As you're aware, Anne Kirkbride passed away suddenly after a short illness in January. Since then, everyone has been quietly wondering how her character, Deirdre Barlow, will make her exit from the soap after 40 years. 

A source speaking with The Sunday Mirror said: "We have finalised details for a plot explaining ­Deirdre's departure, which will be screened in the summer." It will be "a send off fit for a legend."

They added: "Trying to come up with a fitting departure for Deirdre has not been easy. Everyone was still feeling emotional after Anne’s death. We were keen not to rush it. It is never easy coming up with plausible ways of writing out a much-loved character after their real-life death. Scriptwriters have held many meetings trying to come up with suitable ideas, and Anne’s family have been kept in the loop. We have to be sensitive to their feelings and also account for Deirdre being a much-loved Street character."

Kieran Roberts, Corrie's producer, said the following to Digital Spy last month: "We absolutely will say farewell to Deirdre in the show.Anne's death was a huge tragedy and everybody who worked with her just loved her to bits - she was a very special woman. What's really important is that the first thing we have to do is respect Anne and her family. We're talking to her family about lots of things and when we feel we've done that, we will be planning to say farewell to the character of Deirdre as well. I'm sure we will do justice to that amazing, iconic character later in the year."

Sunday May 30th will see a memorial service take place for Kirkbride at Manchester Cathedral, so the masses can pay their respects.