'The Office' may have ended seven years ago but it's still very much a part of the zeitgeist.

The reason for 'The Office' trending now is people are imagining how its characters would respond to coronavirus.

Anyone who follows the show would have to readily admit, these are pretty accurate assumptions.

The thread was begun by Daniel Burnell, aka @the_real_bnell, on Twitter.

Here's how he thinks Michael Scott, Dwight, Angela, Creed, Stanley, Andy and other characters would react to concerns around the virus.


Here are some other Tweeters add-ons:


The thread is gaining a second life on Reddit where additional suggestions include "Michael would insist that everyone comes into work insisting that only old people like Phyllis have to worry about it. But when he learns that people are dying from it he quarantines himself in his office refusing to leave.

"Jim and Pam try to convince Dwight that Jim has it and at first Dwight doesn't care but when he sees Jim coughing and sneeze alone in the break-room, Dwight quarantines the rest of the office by locking them all in, even overnight."

The Redditor continues: "Kelly would keep pestering Ryan asking him that if she had it would he still kiss her so he tried to avoid her but also Michael who keeps offering to let him in there with him.

"Meredith would start freaking out more and more each hour that passes saying she has a schedule to keep but it becomes clear that she goes home and immediately starts drinking."

Another Reddit theory reads: "Dwight would say they need to pool their immune systems and put them on high alert by everyone sharing germs. He encourages everyone to double dip chips. He coughs into the crack under Michael’s door."

Brilliant stuff altogether.