We all know how odd it can be hearing a recording of yourself and the like, and it seems it can be that way for actors too, with 'Coronation Street's Beverley Callard admitting she finds it hard to watch herself in the soap.

Callard has played Corrie's Liz McDonald on and off for years but speaking on 'This Morning' she said: "Honestly I love 'Corrie' but I just cant watch myself and I know most of the viewers are saying we don’t like watching you either. I love 'Emmerdale' and 'EastEnders' and they all watch 'Corrie' but I can’t watch it – it’s torture!

"It’s the worst feeling, it’s like a normal person hearing their voice that has been recorded – it's like that but magnified beyond belief."

Beverley is currently in the middle of a big storyline on the soap which has saw her ex-husband Jim McDonald (Charlie Lawson) returning and conning Liz into believing their daughter was still alive in order to get money from the former Rovers landlady.

As turbulent as their relationship has always been on screen, Beverley loves working with Charlie and the pair have a great time together on set. "Charlie and I love working together and when he came back we just instantly fit. Working with Charlie is like Beverley putting her slippers on – I love working with him.

"We get the giggles constantly – we’re in big trouble constantly it’s a nightmare!"