Now that we know it's being remade for the Americans, how much are James Corden and Ruth Jones set to bag as creators? Meh, only £5million each. Do they have to do anything extra to earn that £5million? Nope. All their hard work is done. Well, the have to "executive produce" but how hard can that be.

The Sun reports that they we earn £20,000 each for the pilot episode and a further £175,000 each if Fox commissions a series. Then if a second series is commissioned, well, they'll be rolling in it.

According to Digital Spy: "BBC Worldwide Productions and Sony Pictures TV are producing the show with the company behind the UK series, Baby Cow Productions. Henry Normal, executive producer of the UK version, will fulfil the same role on the US remake."

Henry Normal, who's also recently worked on Moone Boy, is one talented so 'n so.