One mere day after Netflix announces their documentary film will be available to stream from next week, Hulu and FX annouce their follow-up to 'Framing Britney Spears' will drop this weekend.

*UPDATE* 'Controlling Britney Spears' is available to watch on Sky Documentaries and NOW from today, Monday, September 27. It will also air at 9 pm on both services. The original story follows.

Arriving tonight over in the States via Hulu and FX will be 'Controlling Britney Spears', the sequel film to the widely covered documentary from the beginning of the year.

The new documentary film airs tonight at 10 pm in North America and will examine all of the recent coverage in the conservatorship battle between the 39-year-old pop star and her father Jamie Spears.

According to the logline of the TV series, which is made in partnership with The New York Times, 'Controlling Britney Spears' will delve further into Britney's plea to be set free from her father's control over her finances and personal decisions. The documentary promises "new allegations from insiders with intimate knowledge of Britney’s daily life inside the conservatorship" will be revealed.

Hulu and FX describe the series as follows: "In a confidential report obtained by The Times, Ms. Spears told a court investigator in 2016 that her conservatorship had become 'an oppressive and controlling tool against her'. But how the conservatorship has controlled her life has never been revealed. Now, in this New York Times investigation, a portrait emerges of an intense surveillance apparatus that monitored every move she made."

Since 'Framing Britney Spears' was released in February, a lot has happened in the conservatorship case. Most recently, Jamie Spears voiced his wish to release his hold over his daughter; while Britney announced that she is now engaged to her partner, Sam Asghari.

According to FX: "Once the insiders came forward, The Times felt compelled to bring this reporting to the public as soon as possible."

Just yesterday, Netflix released the trailer for their upcoming documentary 'Britney VS Spears'. It'll launch on the streaming service on Tuesday, September 28.

We've reached out to Sky to see if 'Controlling Britney Spears' will be available in Ireland. 'Good Morning America' had a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary.