After spending a year in the wilderness of the Scottish highlands taking part in a ground breaking reality series for Channel 4, the remaining contestants from Eden have returned home to find that the show may have been axed. 

Eden saw twenty three strangers get cut off from society and left to fend for themselves in the Scottish highlands for a year. The group were challenged with forming a new model for society as part of the TV experiment. However just like the biblical Eden, the experiment was torn apart thanks to jealousy, hunger and feuds. The contestants often struggled to live off the land and resorted to smuggling in booze and junk food. 

Of the twenty three that began the series only ten were left standing by the end. The other thirteen quit the show during its run with many saying they were unable to cope with the relentless Scottish midges. 

The ten remaining contestants returned home this month to find that only four episodes of the series have aired thus far. This led many to speculate that the series had been axed by Channel 4 but the broadcaster assured The Independent UK that the rest of the series will return the channel at some point this year. 

Via The Press and Journal