I'm A Celebrity... is known for having more than a few odd guests during its run.

In some cases, it's shown up different sides of public personas and, in other cases, it's helped to either rebuild or destroy celebrities' reputations. For Conrad Murray, he's actually hoping it will helped rebuild his career.

For those that don't know, Conrad Murray was convicted and sentenced to four years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Murray served a total of two years in jail and was recently released. As it goes with most former celebrity physicians who are convicted of involuntary manslaughter, he's hoping to rehabilitate his image by going into the jungle with a bunch of Z-list celebrities.

Makes perfect sense.

Murray's publicist, Max Markson, confirmed that Murray is in talks with ITV to star in the upcoming season of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. "He's a doctor, very calm and great with people and he has some extraordinary stories to tell. He'd be a great draw and I'm sure he'd be a fascinating guest for the show."

Speaking of extraordinary stories to tell, Murray is currently working on a tell-all memoir about his time with Michael Jackson as his personal physician. Is that why he's planning on going into I'm A Celebrity, perhaps?

No, that's just us being cynical. He's going on to I'm A Celebrity because he wants to help the Z-list celebrities will need a doctor.

That's it. That's clearly why.


Via Mirror.co.uk