This year's Dancing with the Stars lineup confirmed that Erin McGregor, UFC champ Conor McGregor's older sister, would be taking part. There was speculation whether little bro would be there to support Erin, but according to The Herald, he has already booked his ringside seat.

McGregor will be in the audience to cheer on his sister in the early stages of the show, which films in Ardmore studios in Bray. It's currently looking likely it will be on January 14th, the second episode in the series.

A source told The Herald, "They're a very tight-knit family and she talked it over with him and her whole family before deciding to sign up to the show.

"It means a lot to her to have Conor there in the audience when she performs live.

"This is her first time putting herself in the spotlight and it's something he's been used to doing for years. So it will be a huge boost to her to have Conor there on the night."

Erin, who is also a former bodybuilder, is currently rehearsing for the upcoming series which will kick off on RTÉ One on January 7th with a two-hour show and run until March 25th.