'Normal People' has become one of the biggest talking points in Ireland, and arguably across the world, for the past few weeks. The Sally Rooney novel has quickly become a firm Irish staple, with its impressive writing, and powerful emotional performances from its two leads and supporting cast.

The two leads in question, Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, who play Connell and Marianne in the 12-episode series, have shot to stardom. However, its Mescal's Connell who has undoubtedly taken over the spotlight with his GAA shorts, his silver chain, and now - his email. Yes, Connell's email address in the series is apparently real.

An American fan of the series - which is being broadcast over in The States on streaming service Hulu - decided to email the address which was displayed in episode six of 'Normal People'.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, a Twitter user named Travis Smith decided to chance his arm and send character Connell Waldron an email, saying he was "half-joking". And yet, his gamble worked when he received an email in the voice of the character.

Spreading some advice to the character, and even bringing up that dreaded Debs fiasco, Connell replied to Travis with an update on how he's been keeping in touch with Marianne away from home.

Another fan, Michaela Dwyer, shot Connell's email address a riot of an email entitled "Your Wee Silver Chain", asking which shop in Sligo he purchased the thirst jewellery.

It's unknown who is behind Connell's email address - we have a sneaking suspicion it might be author Sally Rooney herself - but expect a delay in your response if you plan on shooting over your own email as the inbox is certainly about to be inundated with fans of the franchise.