One of the most fascinating aspects to come out of 'Normal People' is not just how it deals with sex, intimacy, and class in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, but also how chains are now suddenly a thing again.

This leads one to wonder whether it's chains for all men, or is it simply just that Paul Mescal is able to pull one off? The fear, of course, is that every other Irish man takes to this and we all end up looking like some kind of mob of pale jewellery.

Anyway, the reason for this examination of men's jewellery is because Paul Mescal has put one of his own chains from his personal collection up for raffle to raise money for Pieta House. So far, the donations have passed €14,695 as of writing with close to 1,000 entries to the raffle so far.

10 entries to the raffle goes for €10, but 60 entries go for €50 - so your odds are greatly improved of possibly smelling the inside of Paul Mescal's neck from this piece of jewellery. In a press statement released to media, Mescal said that "Pieta is a cause very close to my heart, having experienced loss due to suicide in my local town while growing up."

If you want to enter the raffle yourself, just follow this link to donate and enter the draw.