You may already have seen the compilation video of various 'Game of Thrones' stars expressing their disappointment at how the final season has turned out.

When asked about their opinion on the storyline, the likes of Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry Baratheon) were quite forthcoming as they half-joked about their dismay.

Now, Conleth Hill aka Varys has added his voice to the disgruntled chorus. He told Entertainment Weekly that he felt disappointed at how his character's story arc had been handled in recent seasons, and in particular, that Varys didn't have a final meeting with arch-nemesis Littlefinger.

"It just felt like after season 6, I kind of dropped off the edge," he said. "I can’t complain because it’s six great seasons and I had some great scenes these last two seasons. But that’s when it changed for me a little.”

He added: "I was very bummed to not have a final scene with [Littlefinger]. I was bummed not to have any reaction to him dying, if he was my nemesis. That’s been my feeling the last couple seasons, that my character became more peripheral, that they concentrated on others more. That’s fine. It’s the nature of a multi-character show. It was kind of frustrating. As a whole it’s been overwhelmingly positive and brilliant but I suppose the last couple seasons weren’t my favorite.”

Hill also voiced an opinion felt by many fans when he said that the show had lost its edge after it outran the books.

Is he being harsh, or is he still smarting from his fiery ending?