We wanted to believe, and now it's real. The X-Files are back.

Speaking at the Television Critics' Association tour, Fox TV's head honcho Gary Newman said that he is in talks with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter to bring back the iconic sci-fi series.

It's not yet known what shape this new series will take, either as a mini-series or as a full-blown revival. One thing's for certain - Fox want it back and are capitalising on the wave of TV nostalgia that saw Twin Peaks get a third season.

Still no Firefly, but hey - we can't win them all.

So, when can we expect Mulder and Scully back on our screens? Not for a while, anyway.

Anderson is keen to keep The Fall on her plate and will be playing a more pivotal role in the third season of Hannibal, so it's safe to say she's going to busy for the next while.

As for Duchovny and Chris Carter, it's not yet known where they are. As previously reported, Chris Carter's TV series for Amazon, The After, has been cancelled whilst Californication finished up in June.

Either way, there's a firm commitment from the TV studio for another run at it, so all we can hope for is that the original cast are up for it.



via Deadline.com