It's all about the good news today, folks.

Now that David Lynch has returned to the director's chair for the Twin Peaks revival, there's rumours and news coming faster and hotter than the coffee at the Double R Diner.

It's understood that Showtime have ordered an additional NINE episodes for the new series of Twin Peaks, bringing it up to 18. It's not yet known if the order will be split into two seasons or if it's one continuous season, but the news gives us a lot of hope.

Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee, who played Audrey Horne and Laura Palmer respectively, made the announcement at a recent convention in Seattle.

As well as this, composer Angelo Baladementi will return to write the score for the new series. Badalamenti's title track, Falling, even charted in certain countries, such was Twin Peaks' influence on pop culture.

Speaking of the Double R Diner, it's understood that the actual diner used for filming in North Bend, Washington is being restored to its original state and will feature heavily in the new series.

Shooting is expected to begin in the latter part of this year with a release date expected around a year from now.



Via Welcome To Twin Peaks