Conchata Ferrell, best known to modern audiences as Berta in the sitcom 'Two And A Half Men', has passed away at the age of 77.

Ferrell starred in all twelve seasons of the show, and remained on after Charlie Sheen's controversial departure from the show. Prior to 'Two And A Half Men', Ferrell had starred in a number of well-known TV shows and movies, mostly in guest starring roles or supporting characters.

Most notable of these was in 'Mystic Pizza', where she starred alongside Julia Roberts and a pre-fame Matt Damon as the owner of the titular pizza place. Ferrell also had supporting roles in the likes of Tony Scott's 'True Romance', a key scene in '70s satire masterpiece 'Network', and even turned up in 'Edward Scissorhands'.

As well as this, she was a regular fixture on TV, appearing in recurring roles in shows like 'LA Law' in the '90s, Netflix's 'The Ranch', and heavily '90s sitcom 'Teen Angel'.

Ferrell's final on-screen role was in 2015's horror comedy, 'Krampus', while her final TV role was as Shirley in 'The Ranch', opposite her 'Two And A Half Men' co-star Ashton Kutcher.

She is survived by her daughter, two stepdaughters, and her husband of 35 years, Arnie Anderson.