We've said it many times, and we're sticking to it - Conan O'Brien is by far the best of the US late-night talk show hosts.

In fact, his podcast - 'Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend' - regularly delivers some hilarious interviews that go well beyond his current talk show. Even with the current lull in US talk shows, he's still consistently putting out good stuff.

Anyway, Conan O'Brien has been announced as one of this week's guests on 'Late Late Show', bucking expectations that it was going to be CNN's John King or Wolf Blitzer in light of the US elections. O'Brien will be joined by actor Gabriel Byrne, and tenor Andrea Boccelli, for this week's show with more guests expected to be confirmed with the usual weekly announcement.

Gabriel Byrne made headlines this week for his frankness in a recent interview with The Guardian, where he discussed his memoir, 'Walking With Ghosts', and his history as a victim of sexual abuse. Byrne's been on the show before, and he's always been a fascinating guest, so here's hoping for more of that.