Seeing as how we're slowly moving into a post-Trump world - provided he's voted out in November, and he leaves without causing major political turmoil - the TV shows and movies about his reign of terror are beginning to trickle out.

First up is 'The Comey Rule', a miniseries by Showtime that's based on James Comey's autobiography, 'A Higher Loyalty', which will zero in on his relationship with Donald Trump and the fallout from it.

The miniseries is being written and directed by Billy Ray, who previously wrote such movies as 'Shattered Glass' (about a journalist who makes up stories), 'Breach' (about an FBI agent who sold state secrets to Russia) and 'The Hunger Games' (about a reality TV-loving tyrant).

In other words, he's got experience with dealing with something like this. Jeff Daniels plays James Comey, while our very own Brendan Gleeson plays the orange lunatic, complete with ropey hairdo and spray tan face. Going by this 30-second trailer or so, it sounds like Gleeson's nailed Trump's inflections and odd speech pattern.

'The Comey Rule' will premiere in the US on Showtime on September 27th, with an expected air date here in Ireland shortly thereafter.