Nope, it's not airing on FX UK like one would assume. Instead, it's being exclusively aired (and therefore repeated incessantly until the end of time) on Comedy Central UK.

According to, "Lionsgate International has already sold Anger Management in Canada, Latin America, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Australia, New Zealand and Poland. Lionsgate's Debmar-Mercury syndication company sold the show to FX Network in the U.S. and will be selling its second syndication window in the U.S. as well.

Chris Collie, the director of programming for Comedy Central (and therefore the person responsible for the perma presence of Two and a Half Men), said: "Anger Management was the funniest show from this year's screenings - Charlie is back and on incredible form… it sits perfectly alongside our line-up of the biggest and most talked about U.S. shows - 30 Rock, South Park, The Office, Two And A Half Men, Friends and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Also rolling around an office floor riddled with bank notes was Lionsgate International television executive Peter Iacono, he took the time to say: "We believe that Comedy Central is the perfect home for Anger Management in the U.K., and we're delighted to continue building the show's momentum through ground breaking sales in territories around the world. The show is off to a record-breaking start in the U.S., and we expect it to have similar resonance with audiences around the world."

'Cause there's nothing more discerning than a world-wide audience...

If you can't wait for Comedy Central to start throttling airing it, here's Charlie Sheen merrily equating himself to a train wreck.