If you haven't been watching Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, you really are missing out. The premise of the show is almost insanely simple - Jerry Seinfeld drives around in vintage cars with a comedian, they get lunch and chat the whole time. That's it. Yet, the show is somehow one of the most entertaining things we've seen in years.

Fans of Louis CK will know that Seinfeld turned up in a brief role when Louis and Seinfeld were up for David Letterman's job as host of Late Show. In a weird case of art-imitating-life, Letterman really did retire but the job, as we all know, went to Stephen Colbert instead. So, back to Seinfeld and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

The show's been renewed for a whopping four seasons - although don't expect to see it on regular TV channels any time soon. The show is only shown online via the official website and Sony Crackle - which we understand is some kind of webTV channel thing that we don't get over here. 

Here's a little taste of what the show's about.