While we may not get another season of Louie, comedian Louis C.K. may very well revisit the self-funded world of Horace and Pete.

He told Deadline

"I have ideas on how to continue this series. but the test is always, does it write? I did this myself without a network because I didn't want to (be committed to) do it again. I only want to do it if it's really compelling... but if it doesn't write, I'll leave it alone. There's no reason to go back."

He spent several million dollars of his own money producing the show, which he sold from his own website - notoriously going into debt. But he always envisioned it would turn a profit, saying he'd sell it to a network or Netflix after the sales had dried up.

"Yeah, it's making money, and there's a couple of offers to put it on other platforms. I'm just waiting. Everyday I make money on the show. If I take one of the offers, I'll make a profit right away. The mandate was never to make money. When you own (your own projects), you can sell them over and over again."

C.K. plays 3Arena in Dublin in August. You should go see him because he's a borderline comedic genius.