The inaugural Celebrity Operation kicks off tonight with five famous faces leading the nation in their weight-loss journey. Looking to get in shape are comedian Katherine Lynch, solicitor Gerald Kean, presenter Elaine Crowley, comic Karl Spain and radio host Brenda Donohue.

Forever the messer, Katherine Lynch decided she would do things her own way when it came to the swimming pool challenge in tonight's episode, and rocked up in her red high heels;

Katherine said of her choice of shoes; "It was week 1 and I still needed a tiny bit of costume just to get me through the fear of getting into a pool in my togs in a swimming pool in front of the nation.

"I wore them because I'm a punk and I bloody well am not going to do what I am told so I wore the high-heels so there was a little bit of defiance, a little bit of Katherine Lynch, a little bit of comedy, a little bit of glam! Otherwise I thought the camera was just going to have pictures of my cellulite bum."

It didn't do her any harm either as it's emerged Katherine's weight-loss for the first week was 8.5lbs. The comedian told Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1; "Eight and a half pounds! My god I lost a small baby, a big baby actually.

"It was sticking to the plan. It was having your breakfast in the morning. It's about old fashioned eating. There's a small breakfast in the morning of an egg and a slice of toast. Then you have a salad for your lunch and a dinner in the evening of a meat and two veg and its kind of old fashioned eating that we've forgotten about."

Catch the first episode of Celebrity Operation Transformation tonight on RTE1 at 9.35pm.