30 years on, we're getting treated to a look back at some quintessential Irish productions, all hosted by the actor who appeared in all three films.

'The Commitments', 'The Snapper' and 'The Van', all books written by Roddy Doyle, and all films starring Colm Meaney. The famed Irish star will be hosting a new documentary which will be taking a look back at the three titles in 'Back to Barrytown'.

Set to feature some of the cast and crew from the Barrytown trilogy, the three-part documentary will revisit this fictional Dublin suburb three decades on from their initial release in cinemas. Naturally, author Roddy Doyle will also be a main part of the series.

Other stars we can expect to show up include actors from the movies such as Brendan O’Carroll, Angeline Ball, Robert Arkins, and Ruth McCabe. Director of 'The Van' Stephen Frears will appear, with production designer and art director Mark Geraghty, and John and Ros Hubbard, who were the casting direcotors on 'The Commitments'.

While appearing in the first two Barrytown film, Colm "ah jaysus" Meaney was also a part of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' as Chief Miles O'Brien, a role which did wonders for his actor profile while also flying the flag for our nation.

The first episode of 'Back to Barrytown' will air on RTÉ One this Sunday night at 9.30pm and will be focussed on the first movie of the trilogy, 'The Commitments'.

To get viewers at home re-living the 90s, RTÉ One will air 'The Commitments' on Saturday, May 22 and 'The Snapper' on Saturday, May 29.