RTE's brand new current affairs programme 'Claire Byrne Live' kicks off tonight and it's certainly not going to waste any time leaving an impression on viewers.

The former Prime Time host has landed none other than Colin Farrell to appear on her first ever show, with the actor interviewed via satellite link from LA to discuss same-sex marriage.

Why is Farrell talking about that, most of you probably want to know? Well Colin's brother Eamon is gay, so he is very much an advocate of this proposal going through.

He talks about memories of what his brother went though growing up saying; “I remember him coming home with blood on his shirt, and he got plenty of beatings and he got just called names continuously........so he had a very very very tough time, a lot of cruelty, like real, absolute shameful cruelty that was placed upon him.”

Now, his brother is happily married living in Canada; "To see them every day live their lives as a happily married couple is an amazing thing, and to think that they had to leave their own country to do that, is sad and disappointing and just grossly unfair I feel," Colin said.

The actor also responsed to people’s concerns about same-sex couples becoming parents; "It’s too easy for heterosexuals to be parents, if you want the truth. It’s too easy. There are too many of us who find it too easy to have a kid... Too many parents around the world don’t parent their kids, because it was a five minute thing....and there it is. We’re talking about Irish society, being the best version in any referendum, divorce, same sex marriage, being the best version of ourselves that we can be."

He also added why he feels this is important for the country; "I carry Ireland with me everywhere I go, and I love my country deeply.....This is my coming out of the closet as it were publicly and saying that I support this vote with every fibre of my being."

The programme will have a range of guests and audience members from all sides of the debate live in studio to discuss the topic of same-sex marriage as well as a live interview with Dr Sharon James of Coalition for Marriage who campaigned against the introduction of same-sex marriage in the UK.

Great way to kick off what, by the sounds of it, will be a great currents affairs show, and fair play to Claire Byrne for finally getting the recognition she deserves. We always knew she was wasted on The Daily Show shooting the breeze with Daithi O'Se....

'Claire Byrne Live' will be on Monday nights at 10.35pm on RTÉ One