The gang are coming back! Well, not Helen Baxendale, because that happened.

After 13 years, cult British drama 'Cold Feet' is following the trend of pretty much everything from the late 90s/early 00s and coming back into our lives for another go around.

Fay Ripley, who played Jenny on the ITV show, told the Mirror that the show would be returning after months of rumours, telling them: 'Well yes, I think we’re off and away, I think I can say that!' before adding that the only worries she had about doing the show again was that it would be crap, which is a legitimate concern.

‘I didn’t hesitate because it’s been floating around as an idea for so long. My only hesitation is that one hopes it’s not going to be rubbish. Ten years have passed, anything could have happened. I’m hoping it’s not written that I’ve got very thin, because that’s not happened!' she said.

As for her fellow actors, all are expected to return (minus Baxendale), with Ripley saying that she's still in touch with her TV husband John Thomson saying: 'I still have a relationship with John. I reckon we’ll pretty much pick up where we were. We’re still friends.'

As for the rest, we'll have to wait and see. The producers are probably thanking everything that none of the cast went on to super-stardom and come with massive paychecks now.

Via The Mirror