The Canadian National Anthem Robin Sparkles' song from 'How I Met Your Mother' has been given a fresh new take for 2020 by Cobie Smulders, inspired by the current living situation we've all found ourselves in.

If you'll remember from 'HIMYM', Robin Scherbatsky AKA Robin Sparkles, was a successful news anchor whose friends discovered had a secret past that she'd rather leave well and truly behind. Back in the day, Robin was a Canadian pop sensation, and her biggest hit filled with plenty of Canadian slang was called 'Let's Go To The Mall'. Actress Cobie Smulders has decided to give the song a Robin Sparkles 2020 update for fans of the series.

Thanking the original writer of the bop Brian Kim, as well as series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the new lyrics, the star took to her Instagram to perform a much more stripped-back version, using only her piano.

Here's the Robin Sparkles 2020 update for you, entitled 'Let's All Stay At Home'.

And just for good measure, here's the original song in question, which still remains one of the finest inclusions to the comedy sitcom.