If you've ever watched BBC series 'The Apprentice', you'll know who Claude Littner is.

Alongside Karren Brady, he is one of Lord Alan Sugar's aides on the reality show, keeping an eye on the group and reporting back.

He has played a bigger role since taking over from Nick Hewer in 2015, but in earlier seasons, he only made appearances during the 'interviews' episode. And boy, was he utterly terrifying.

All that to say that he's basically not the sort of person you'd imagine watching 'Love Island', much less live-tweeting it.

We're guessing that his nightly sarcastic commentary on the villa and its inhabitants may be the forfeit to a bet. Either way, it's highly entertaining... even if there's a strong whiff of 'dad joke' off some of them.

Can someone start a petition to drop Claude in the villa as a bombshell, please?