The lead actress of Homeland, the show that stormed our TV two years ago, has a foreboding premonition for her character in the upcoming series of the show. Claire Danes told journalists at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday that things do not look good for Carrie the bipolar CIA operative.

Joining fellow Homeland actors Damian Lewis and Rupert Friend, and producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, the star of the thriller show opened up about the new series, stating 'It’s pretty bleak in the very beginning because she’s gone off her meds for lots of reasons that she believes really strongly in.' She continued to add that her character and Mandy Patinkin's Saul will remain 'very deeply connected because they experienced that trauma in a way no one else has.'However, Saul must come to terms with where his loyalty lies as he becomes a more central force in the agency and can no longer be torn between his friend and the government.

Speaking further on the future of the show, the cast added that the CIA itself will be on trial due to the attack last year. Danes' co-star and fellow lead Damian Lewis also disclosed news on the progress of his character, saying 'Brody is on the lam... he's the most wanted criminal in the world so he has to lay low and I think when you do see Brody I think you will see — and hopefully it will be of interest to the audience — is what state he will be in...I hope when you do see Brody for the first time it will be interesting'. Premiering in September, fans don't have too long to wait to see just how much more entangled Carrie and the rest of the cast can get in the war against terrorism.